Sunday, October 16, 2011

Let the sorting begin

It's official, I'm in Ravenclaw bitches! An absolutely awesome friend and coworker got me in for beta testing of Pottermore and the shot below is from right after sorting.


  1. oh!! I wonder what I would end up being. I'd think Hufflepuff since I'm silly loyal... although, I'd hope my brains would toss me into the Ravenclaw ;)

    Ah... maybe soon i can see?!

  2. Yep the end of the month I think is the official launch. It's actually a pretty cool site and you get lots of background on the different characters. I'm also curious to see what is going to change between beta testing and the launch. They have already scrapped some things that didn't go over well and expanded other portions that people ended up loving more than they anticipated.