Friday, October 14, 2011

Defending the Lab from Ninjas

So, I have managed to hurt my back twice in the last two weeks by doing super cool things like vacuuming and moving a chair defending the lab from ninjas.  The second time I ended up fainting into a closet, onto my boyfriend and the doctor's exam table, which finally made me realize going to work wasn't going to happen in the near future. I surrendered to the idea that I'm incapable of doing anything productive at the moment due to this injury and compounded with the fact I have the attention span of the average 2 year old due to the medication I'm on. This combination makes for a very disgruntle individual. I'm quite certain that if I wasn't already insane, and I'm not, my parents had me tested [snort.. geek reference], I would be after this week.

Exhibit A: For those unsure of who has been in the lab, know your enemy so you don't end up bed ridden like me.

While I get frustrated with my job, I deal with that frustration like any well mannered southern belle [if you classify the lady-like response as cussing like a sailor and shooting stuff]. The fact of the matter remains that I love what I do, and I'm desperately ready to return to lab... there is also the fact that the longer I am away, the greater the likelihood the lab will be in complete disarray when I return. This also stresses me out because I've been told I'm a little OCD when it comes to my job, which is what makes me beyond awesome at what I do, and hard to deal with when people f*ck with my stuff. For those who aren't aware, I define "my stuff" as the whole lab... sooo, yeah, see Exhibit B.

Exhibit B: My view of the precious, precious lab supplies & equipment ... ahh precious..


  1. Well, Melanie* (even if she wasn't my fave over all) got real angry and cussing so I believe that is the Southern Belle behaviour? ;)

    *you know, married to Ashley, sort of friend to Scarlett O'Hara ;)

  2. Good to know classic literature supports my gut reaction :)