Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A bit of background

For those who aren't familiar with the madness that is me, or didn't [for some unfathomable reason] read the random ranting I spewed regularly over at my humble little cave, I thought I should provide a little background on what makes me, well me.

First and foremost, I'm dangerously over-educated and have dabbled in a little of everything. This dabbling included some beyond awesome work experience for several federal institutions, including NASA and the USDA. I've done clinical research and worked as a registered dietitian which means I've worked in various hospital settings and have taken more physiology/pathobiology classes than any non-major should ever be subjected to.

I get bored easily and love to try new things so, like normal, after a few years and I was once more itching to try something new. This prompted me to go back to graduate school for the second time and switch fields. Since moving to Happy Valley in 2007 I have graduated from Penn State now work in a molecular/biochemistry lab. My role there is a lab tech, aka lab genie and I'm involved in pretty much every project in my lab, from neonatal development and biomechanics to infectious disease and everything in between. In short, my nerdyness is strong but the pseudonym "damn good technician" was already taken.

I'm a reformed southern beauty queen who finally embraced her inner geek and turned to a life in science. I'm dating a 5th year physiology student who studies the neurological pathways related to addiction. I collect hobbies and am slightly obsessed with canines and dog training. Being southern means I love to cook and do stuff outdoors, especially when those outdoor activities include firearms.

I plan for this blog to be an outlet for science-y goodness as well as a smattering of random stuff but remember, we're all mad here, so you never know what chaos my mind will produce.

On another note, I don't pretend to know everything and neither should you. If you don't like what you're reading here, fuck off and go somewhere else.


  1. ah :)

    I am so looking forward to the sceincy goodness (and the madness)

    (I'll see if I can comment now, since last few times I've tried the comments have disappeared)

  2. hummm, new blog must have some glitches that I need to work my tech magic on ... Probably clicked a box I shouldn't have, but can see this one so yeah for that!



    I am the worst fucking cyber-stalker ever. ZOMFG.

  4. lol, yep that's me. I've let go of my animal alter-ego and released the real life madness within [cue armageddon like music] :)