Monday, October 17, 2011

Bad News & Baby Animals: Animal Care Condolences

I think at least half of my job is making sure that facilities we are required to pay and use actually do their jobs. I received a less devastating version of the little gem below a few weeks ago, which of course, left me screaming obscenities in the cold room to calm down before calling to find out what the hell was going on.

When I was younger I really believed everyone tried their very best at their jobs [cue rainbows, butterflies and dancing ponies]. Now that naivety has been stripped away, I've realized the majority of people are giant flaming fucktards who would rather half-ass their job and leave the mess for someone else, than do it right the first time.

Case in point, every single university ran organization set in place to "help" the professors and research staff. After the freezer screaming fit mentioned above, I was finally ready to proceed with the "what the hell is going on" questioning. I was told that every single year at least one facility on campus becomes infested with a weevil that likes the animal diet. The interlopers were noticed by a tech, not the people we pay to check the damn cages every day... meaning they hadn't been doing it. I made the mistake of asking what they were going to do to prevent this from occurring again? Their response was one word--nothing.

[bangs head repeatedly against wall in frustration]


  1. wow. My old lab next door got one of those notices... "Somehow the cages weren't hooked up to the automatic water system" (and no one noticed?!) A whole colony of knock-outs gone... at least 6 months and many unness deaths...

    As for the rainbows & butterflies; i'm still amazed on how many ppl seem to not give a shit about their work performance. I mean, they have no trouble sleeping at night?!

  2. I know! I just CAN'T leave it like that, which is why I'm often stuck in lab late... people know they can cash in on the fact I'll get the work done because it needs to be and they don't mind wasting the time/resources.

    It's hard to make the distinction between being taken advantage of and good work ethic.. hummm, future blog post?