Tuesday, December 20, 2011

He put a ring on it and other news

The past few months have been a blur of activity and excitement. In the span of about a week my BF and I got engaged and he was offered a position in his first choice for a post doc!  This means lots of changes in the very near future! I have also been beyond busy in the lab ever since we found out he did in fact get the position, and it is seriously looking like I am going to have no free time between the first of 2012 and when we leave in early summer.

[So it is now official, we are moving to the ivy league!]


  1. Sweet! Congrats on happy news! I guess you'll have a necklace for the ring on those labintensive days? ^^ (as previously asked)

    Did the post doc offer for him spill over to you too? *nosy* Or what is in the books for you and work?

  2. Yep, the ring goes on a chain during really busy days :)

    I'm looking into getting out of academics, but it will depend on what I'm offered. His boss offered to find me something similar to what I do here, but it is just going to depend on timing. It seems like most people want someone immediately, and I don't want to leave Happy Valley until May at the earliest. I'm sure the stressing-out posts will be coming soon!

  3. I haz been a bum about catching up on bloggzz...OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!! I r very happy for u ^^