Friday, September 23, 2011

Anonymity Lost

I recently realized the idea of keeping my identity hidden is going to be nearly impossible. After a year on the wagon, I was sucked back into the great time-waste that is twitter and realized that nearly everyone I follow in the science world is associated, though sometimes indirectly, with someone I know in real life. This posed the question of do I remove all identifying information and join the great nothing world of spooks or at best, the men in black, or suck it up and realize science is a small world and that I'm lying to myself if I think I can remain anonymous? I chose the latter. How would people feel if I didn't include the frequent drunken debauchery that I'm often assaulted with due to the location of my lab? I mean come on,  scenes like the one below, courtesy of Tideliar, are just a normal Tuesday here in Happy Valley.

Props to the photographer for even capturing the too-old-for-them men "talking" to the drunken young girls.

This all being said, I don't want to make it too easy for the would-be stalkers, and will not refer to myself by my proper name here (this implies that I hope those that know me will follow suite). Anyone with more than two neurons to rub together will still probably be able to guess who I am, but why help google if you can help it, right?

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